What is Hyphenated Spirit

Welcome to Hyphenated Spirit, an international grassroots arts movement that celebrates the artistic contributions of diverse youth and adult artists and provides them with a venue to express their cultural, personal, and societal views creatively. It provides a non-competitive platform for disadvantaged artists who work in traditional or non-traditional mediums with a cultural viewpoint.

The purpose of Hyphenated Spirit is the following:

  • Nurture the spirit of disadvantaged adult and youth artists by exhibiting, promoting, and building audiences for their work.
  • Foster healthy dialog between the artists and the visitors of the blog.
  • Invite established artists to mentor and critique the work of new artists.
  • Showcase news and events related to the featured artists and the broader art community.
  • Broadcast contests and opportunities for artists to gain recognition.
Who is considered disadvantaged?
To us, disadvantaged means operating under conditions detrimental to normal growth due to socioeconomic limitations, cultural or political factors, geographic isolation, or various combination of such factors. It could be an artist in U.S. not getting his or her due recognition because of color or race issues; a disabled artist in Philippines working under grave physical limitations; or a youth in Pakistan lacking the means to explore the talent he possesses.

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