Mumtaz Hussain

Mumtaz Hussain's recent paintings continue the artist's engagement with language and history. The relationship of hieroglyphs and ancient sculpture in his recent series The Soul of Civilization contrasts with the calligraphic Modern Mystic series that invoked the Islamic tradition of poetry as visual expression; the new paintings are an attempt to make direct pictorial statements. Born and educated in Jhang, Hussain's early artistic education was inspired by the medieval Indian figurative artistic tradition. In 1981, he accepted admission into the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore. Upon graduation, Hussain was commissioned to construct a seventy-foot mural in Lahore's town center and to decorate the Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan Palace, an architectural landmark in Karachi. In 1988, he left for New York to pursue graphic design at the School of Visual Art. Hussain continues to paint prolifically, and his artworks have been feature regularly at the LRBT art auction in New York, consistently fetching the highest bids.

The Works

Solitude, Series 3: Intimate Conjunction (Oil, acrylics and silver foil on canvas)

Infinity (Oil, acrylics and silver foil on canvas)

The Path (Oil, acrylics and silver foil on canvas)

Conversation with the Artist

What is the inspiration behind your work?
The source of inspiration always changes for me. I am moved by beauty regardless of what form it comes in––female, film, book, or poetry. When something touches my heart and have a great impact on me, than I tend to express myself sometimes on canvas, sometime on films and at times even with my pen.

Tell us about your journey? How did you become an artist? Did you receive any formal training?
My creative journey started from early childhood when I often spent time painting, drawing, making portraits of my friends and even film stars. I learned calligraphy from a neighborhood board painter. Because of family pressure, I studied pre-engineering for a short while but that didn't work out. It was then that I decided to have formal art training from National College of Arts in Pakistan. Then, I studied in London and worked as a painter in Paris. Eventually, I moved to New York to study graphic design and enrolled in the School Of Visual Arts. I worked as an art director for accounts like Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Simon and Schuster and have a studio in New York. I am still running on the path of art, making my living from painting, films, and writing stories.

Describe your style? What medium do you work in?
I paint classic South Asian art in a post modern style, and use calligraphy as a visual expression. I use mixed media oil acrylic with silver foil on canvas.

What would you consider your biggest success as an artist?
The fact that my admirers include many universities and museums who give me the opportunity to showcase my work to the broader society.

Links to the Artist

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To buy the artwork of Mumtaz Hussain, please call 917 855 6434.


Shaila Abdullah said...

Mumtaz, I like your compositions. They seem to be well thought out and the use of rich colors is simply breathtaking. The way you weave in calligraphy almost makes it melt on canvas and yet the words stand out, gently drawing you in. The use of foil on canvas is very unusual and fits the compositions well. Thanks for sharing.

Shaila Abdullah

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