How Do I Submit My Work?

About Hyphenated Spirit?
Hyphenated Spirit is an international grassroots arts movement that celebrates the artistic contributions of diverse youth and adult artists and provides them with a venue to express their cultural, personal, and societal views creatively. Learn more.


  • Paintings
  • Works on paper
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramic works
  • Design art/functional art
  • Drawings
  • Fiber and textile art
  • Mixed-media
  • Photographs
  • Writing (such as excerpts, commentary, poems, short stories, limit to 2,000 words)
  • Multimedia (such as music, film, documentary, recital)

Guidelines for Submission

If you are an interested artist, please respond to the following four questions:
  1. Please provide your full name, city, state and country of residence.
  2. What is the inspiration behind your work?
  3. Tell us about your creative journey? Did you receive any formal training?
  4. Describe your style?
  5. What would you consider your biggest success?
  6. How has your work been received by the world and what is next for you?
Please send the following along with the answers:

(limit to 250 words and write in third person):
Art Buying link/Contact link to purchase (if available):
Website, blog or online portfolio link (if available):
Artist Photo: include link or attach to email. Jpeg preferred
Images of Artwork (if submitting artwork): At least 3 and no more than 6. Include links or attach to email. Jpeg preferred. Include captions, category (see above), and descriptions for each.
Writing submission (if submitting prose or poem): Please limit to 2000 words. Include captions, category (see above), and descriptions for each.
Multimedia Audio submission (if submitting music): Please limit to 3. Submit embed code of audio clips. Include captions, category (see above), and descriptions for each.
Multimedia Video submission (if submitting video): Please limit to 2. Submit embed code of video clips. Include captions, category (see above), and descriptions for each.
Permission: Yes or no (such as yes, I allow HS to publish my work online)
Copyright: Yes or no (such as I have the copyright to the work I am submitting)

Email your submissions to Hyphenated Spirit

Youth Submissions
Youth submissions are welcome. Follow the steps indicated above except for the following:
  • For bios, just indicate your name, grade level, city, state, and country
  • Please indicate whether would like to be acknowledged with both your first and last name, first name only, or a pseudonym.
  • Filling out the interview questions is optional.
  • Include written permission of an adult in your household (e.g. I give HS permission to publish my child's submission consisting of image, work and information online)
Spread the Word
We will feature an artist or two each week. We will send the artists an alert when their interviews are posted and we will also broadcast on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to spread the word among other artists. Since this is a collaborative activity, we expect each featured author to comment on other artist's work. Please remember that since our aim is to encourage artists, we will only publish constructive and positive feedback.

Who Am I?
I am Shaila Abdullah, a Pakistani-American author and designer based in Austin, Texas. I maintain a fairly active blog online by the name of Cayenne Lit around literary work of authors of color. I have published two books: Saffron Dreams and Beyond the Cayenne Wall. Feel free to contact me.


Rajesh Chopra said...

Thanks for this initiative. I definitely plan to submit my sculpture pieces.

Alnoor Rajan Talwar said...

This is excellent Shaila. Well done!
I will submit some poetry from my next book 'The Dances of Life - More Unanswered Questions and Unquestioned Answers'.
Great work by all the artists. Have you thought of publishing the collective works?

Shaila Abdullah said...

That is an excellent suggestion, Alnoor. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to your submission.

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